The Role of Technology in a Logistics Partner’s Strategy and Value Proposition

In this informative discussion with Adrian Gonzalez of Talking Logistics, Sonny Catlett, Sr. Vice President of Operations at HNRY Logistics explains how this newest operating company of YRC Worldwide is bringing together the right people, with a large network of assets and a strong Transporation Management Systems (TMS) technology partner to make direct-to-carrier shipping simpler for its customers (watch video to the right).

Catlett explains that the top reason HNRY Logistics chose 3Gtms was that of its robust rating engine and flexible platform.

“We needed to support five lines of service through our brokerage operation and 3G’s robust rating engine provided the power and flexibility to support all of our lines and present rates back to our customers through our myHNRY portal.”

myHNRY portal

Remember that time you said, “I wish there was an easier and more affordable way to ship and manage my freight?” Well HNRYLogistics made your wish come true.

With myHNRY, finding the best prices and brokerage options is as easy as searching for airline flights or hotels. And with our backend technology and customer account management portal, managing your shipments after they have been booked is easier than ever.

And with a wide network of available carriers, we can offer the pricing, services, and options to fit your needs.

HNRY Logistics

Catlett goes on to explain that for HNRY Logistics, the build or buy technology decision for getting a brokerage operation up off the ground came down to selecting a TMS platform that would be fast to market, allow them to get up and running quickly, yet remain agile to support our fast-growing business.

“We wanted to buy a solution from a TMS vendor that would grow with us and be a long-term partner for business.”

In addition to a robust platform and strong partnership approach, what advice does Catlett have for other Logistic Service Providers?

  • Fully embrace technology and support it with smart people and the right partners.
  • Have a firm grasp on your business strategy, where you want to go and what the solution is going to be.
  • Be agile and prepared to augment your business as you go.

Click on the video above to hear the full interview and learn more about the role of technology in a logistics partner’s strategy and value proposition.

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A Transportation Management System (TMS) can’t be a one-size-fits-all solution.

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It must have the flexibility to adapt to your unique business complexities and enable you to work creatively to achieve company objectives – but this requires a level of intimacy that cannot be uncovered with a traditional corporate buying process.

A TMS is a core part of your operations; and like other supply chain execution software, operations usually can’t be described by checkboxes or summarized in a statement.

There is just too much complexity and too many variables.

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