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The Tive Solo™

The Tive Solo is a low-cost single-use tracker which provides real-time visibility across the supply chain while eliminating reverse logistics challenges. 

For manufacturers and shippers who rely on Tive to maintain end-to-end visibility into their in-transit goods, the Solo is a great solution to reduce hassles associated with return logistics.

The Tive Solo measures temperature every fifteen minutes, reports that data together with the shipment location every hour, and offers a dependable 30-day battery life.

Tive provides sensor and software solutions that allow supply chain managers to track and analyze the location and condition of their shipments in real time.

The company’s proprietary long-lasting sensors use cellular connectivity to shed light on the in-transit location and condition of shipments.

Supply chain managers access this data and analysis through the Tive software platform, where they can set up custom alerts like ETA warnings, temperature deviations, or geofences.

They can also use the Tive API to pull data into external Supply Chain Management (SCM), Transportation Management System (TMS), or Enterprise Resouce Planning (ERP) systems, and gather insights into their supply chain like never before.

Single-Use Tracker

Tive’s newly developed single-use tracker is sold for a one-time fee of $29 per tracker.

All Tive tracker packages include unlimited access to the software platform, data, and customer support.

This newly developed single-use tracker never has to be returned, so it’s perfect for last-mile deliveries to destinations where collecting and returning trackers would be difficult.

In addition to reducing operational complexity and reverse logistics with single-use trackers, Tive is committed to sustainability, offering a rebate program that encourages and rewards the return of single-use trackers to Tive for recycling.

“With our new Tive Solo tracker, we have significantly lowered costs and eliminated the complex return logistics associated with many tracking solutions,” said Tive CEO and Founder Krenar Komoni.

“As Tive continues to grow our product offerings and simplify implementation, we are committed to ensuring a smooth, seamless supply chain visibility experience for our customers.”

If you’re interested in learning more, request a trial with Tive and get started with the Tive Solo right away.

Request a Trial

About Tive

Tive helps companies achieve real-time in-transit visibility of their goods around the globe. Our clients include Fortune 500 shippers and logistics providers that work with us to track and monitor the condition of their goods-in-transit. Over time, proprietary data generated by our sensors allows our clients to proactively optimize their shipments, improve their customers’ experience, and unlock supply chain insights that they would not otherwise be able to access. Based in Cambridge, Tive is backed by Accomplice, NextView, Bolt, and Hyperplane.

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