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PR Logistics is experienced and specializes in handling all types of products. We provide services to and from the US, South America, Central America, Europe and the Far East. Our service portfolio includes domestic and international air, ocean and inland transportation; for both LTL and FCL. We address and deliver solutions to your warehousing and distribution needs; from small to large companies.

Ocean Freight LTL FCL

As consolidators we offer shipments of loose cargo, consolidations; full container loads, vehicles and heavy equipment. Always keeping your cost as low as possible and forwarding your cargo quickly and efficiently. Our working relationship with various agents and carriers around the world allow us to provide first class service as well as the most competitive rates in the market.


PR Logistics holds an Ocean Transportation Intermediary License and, as such, is duly authorized to carry on the business of providing non-vessel-operating common carrier services (NVOCC).

Asset Protection

As a supply chain and logistics service company, we hold all federal, state and local government required licenses and permits; Excise Tax Bond, U.S. Customs Bond, Comprehensive Insurance Umbrella, including inventory and inland marine; protecting your assets both in our warehouse and while in transit

New Service

LTL & FCL Shipments to: St. Thomas, Santa Cruz & St. Martin.

Sailing Schedule:

  • Departing: Mondays
  • Arriving: Tuesdays

As a reliable service provider in sea freight solutions, PR Logistics brings your goods safely to your worldwide destinations.


This service give our customers the opportunity to send those last minute shipments depending on their priority. Services:

Next Day

Second Day


As a reliable service provider in air freight solutions, PR Logistics brings your goods safely to your worldwide destinations.


Our drivers hold PR Ports Authority permits to lift containers in all Puerto Rico terminals

Cost Effective

As part of its distribution services, PR Logistics provides cost-effective, end-to-end trucking solutions for manufacturers and retailers of consumer products, and shippers of all commodities. We specialize in on-time, on-demand services for the time-sensitive movement of products. Our trucking capabilities include: Intermodal services to and from ports.

Fulfilling your needs

Our Truck Fleet and our fleet of owner operators of tractor trucks, box trucks and vans provide us flexibility and speed to pick up and deliver your cargo to all points in Puerto Rico and the US. We provide our customers the needed equipment for a smooth operation. PR Logistics has the financial capability to invest rapidly, responding to your needs.


Our #1 priority is to ensure the safety of our drivers and the safety of others on the road. To protect and deliver on time, our customers freight without any breakdowns or setbacks due to maintenance or driver issues.



Warehouse Space is approximately 92,500 Sq. Ft.


Our warehouse facilities meet all industry specifications for security, safety and pest control.

On-time Delivery

We are proud to provide excellence service. 99.5% of the shipments are delivered claim-free and on time.

Warehouse services

Precise Inventory Control

Cross Docking

Order Picking

Pick & Pack




The right storage for you. We use state of the art technology.

Logistics Technology & IT Solutions

Your cargo is safe with us

PR Logistics provides a wide range of Information technology (IT) solutions. Our technology professionals can literally become an extension of your company by taking raw data in, manipulating it into a meaningful format, and then seamlessly integrating it back into your data pipeline. Plus, our powerful information.

PR Logistics was awarded in 2006 the ‘Excellence in Quality Service’ recognition by The “Asociación de Productos de Puerto Rico”