PR Logistics is a fast-growing transportation company that counts with an excellent team and a top-of-the-line infrastructure, dedicated to service our clients in the most accurate and cost efficient way.


Green Logistics

Logistics is the integrated management of all the activities required to move products through the supply chain. For its impact in society, economy and environment, achieving a more sustainable balance between economic, environmental and social objectives is a our priority.

PR Logistics is committed to minimizing its impact on the natural environment as part of its broader efforts to integrate socially responsible behavior and sustainable management principles.

Our Green Logistics program research into the sustainability of logistics system and supply chain.


“The nature and goal of our business is to service YOU as if YOU were our ONLY client, and not to be lost in a client roster.”


We will increase staff & equipment as per YOUR needs and requirements to assure excellence in service, total control and a seamless transition

PR Logistics has the capacity to respond quickly and effectively to YOUR changing needs.


“We are a corporation dedicated to offer innovative, practical and creative Logistics services. Focused in the constant search of excellence and total quality, providing an added value to our customers to exceed there expectations; working as a team and a big family driven by our loyalty and shared values.”


“Be recognized by our customers as the first and best option in the market…Guaranteeing: Excellence in service, best quality, consistency and trust”

Licenses, Permits & Acknowledgements


PR Logistics is the holder of an Ocean Transportation Intermediary License and, as such, is duly authorized to carry on the business of providing non-vessel-operating common carrier services.

Customer Expectations

Our clients portfolio demand a high volume weekly operation.

Daily Dispatch

Daily dispatch over 25 distribution routes, island wide

Inventory Management

Effectively monitor and control over 60000 Active SKU’s in inventory

Unloading & Distribution

Receive, unload and distribute an average of 75,000 units weekly

Container Management

Manage hundreds of import and export containers weekly